We are proud to continually bring the newest technology to add to the experience of our doctors.



An alternative to eye drops and blurry vision? Optomap Ultra Wide field Imaging

The optomap allows our optometrist to see your retina in an expanded way without eye drops in less than 1 second.  Did you know this device was invented by the father of a 5 year old who lost his vision in one eye due to a retinal detchement?  Easy for even the child who cannot sit for more than 1 minute!


Gritty, itchy tired sore eyes? Introducing the newest in Dry Eye treatment-Lipiflow

In one clinical study, Lipiflow was reported to help 79% of patients repored improvement with dry eye symptoms within 4 week. 


Seeing beyond the back - see the blood flow of your eye. Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography

Did you know the leading cause of blindness is diabetes?  OCT and angiography allows us to see early structural and functional changes before you do.



Why your eye lids and electronics are related - the Meibographer!


In our ever increasing electronic dependant society, the simplest action of blinking is affected leading to million of electronic users with meibomian gland dysfunction. 


Hate when 1 or 2 went too fast? The autophoroptor - the most advanced technology for the basic eye exam


The RT-3100 represents the ease of auto examinations with easy operation and consistent results each time with every operator.